How to update your iPhone for version 2

As you probably know by now, our new pro v2 became available on App Store today.

Please follow the below instructions to update to the latest version 2 on your iPhone:

  1. Click the ‘App Store’ iconon your phone’s home screen.
  2. Click the ‘Updates’ icon in the bottom right hand corner of ‘App Store’ (It likely has little red number next to it).
  3. Click the blue ‘Free’ button next to the pro description
  4. Click the green ‘Install’ button next to the pro description
  5. The app will now begin installing on your phone {takes about 1 minute}.
iPhone Home Screen Select 'Updates' then 'Free' button Select 'Install' button

2 thoughts on “How to update your iPhone for version 2

  1. Bash Reply

    is there any where else where i can download rp,mobile pro other than the apple site?

    • Lee Wade Post authorReply


      At present there are only two ways to download the pro iPhone app. Either by connecting your iphone to your PC / laptop and downloading through iTunes (App Store) or by downloading direct on your iPhone (as per the instructions in this post).

      We are looking to create future apps as “web apps” that work on multiple devices and tablets (including Android). But these app versions are some months away at present. At that point in time we’ll likely review the use of App store as a distribution channel.

      Lee 🙂

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