Tips & Tricks: Know your area at a glance with RP Mapping

Many real estate professionals use maps to research their local areas and enhance their local knowledge.  The RP Mapping tool of RP Professional not only offers many useful features to help handle this, but can also provide handy material for presentations.

As shown in its tutorial video and Getting Started Guide, the big difference between the RP Mapping tool and other online maps is that RP Data’s map is a cadastral map, which not only displays accurate property boundaries, but allows for the easy addition of overlays and labels.

RP Mapping
RP Mapping

As well as providing the ability to zoom in and out and move up and down streets and areas, RP Mapping lets you measure distances and block sizes.  This can help you determine a property’s distance to local landmarks and measure double-blocks.

Adding contour lines can help pick out the steep and level blocks of land, and in some states you can also overlay easements (check your map label for this option).

To assess the state of your local market at a glance, with just a few clicks you can overlay the sale details and block areas for every property on a map.

RP Mapping Overlays
RP Mapping Overlays

RP Mapping can even show sales in a block of units; using the info button, click on the block to find a table showing all unit sales in the block.

There is much more to RP Mapping and it’s a great idea to go in and start exploring.  In a future blog, we’ll take you through the best ways to use RP Mapping to enhance your presentations.

For a look at exactly how to use RP Mapping, watch our tutorial video or read our Getting Started Guide.  If you get stuck, contact us on 1300 734 318, or book training through

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