Want last years withdrawn listings?

Hi and Happy New Year!

I trust this year will be a fun, successful and personally fulfilling one.

And to kick off on that theme – it might be the perfect time to approach vendors who failed to sell last year and withdrew their properties from the market.  They might just be ready to relist this year at a price more aligned to the market.


RP Prospector now has an additional feature for finding ‘withdrawn listings’ properties.

To use this is a simple as clicking on the link in RP Prospector (note the hover text telling you how it works):

Prospector Withdrawn Listings Button
RP Prospector, finding the withdrawn listings in a suburb

Once you have searched for the suburb you want to find withdrawn listings in you will get a list of those properties in RPP and can then approach those potential vendors you have an existing relationship with.  All properties that listed in the last 365 days, which are not currently listed (in last 100 days) and which we have no sales record for will be displayed.

Unfortunately this feature is not available in Victoria as a result of government regulations.

Good luck this year and let me know how you are going.


P.S.  Thanks Kenny in WA for pointing out that not everyone knows how to activate / display RP Prospector. 

To do this inside the front page of RP Professional, at the top right, you will see a little icon: “customise home”:

If you click this you can activate the RP Prospector Tab:


First – click on ‘restore default layout’:

Then by checking the rp.prospector icon and save:


And now you have the RP Prospector widget to use!







12 thoughts on “Want last years withdrawn listings?

      • Toni

        Hi this feature doesn’t seem available on my rpdata. I tried the customise home tab but it isn’t on there to select…do you have to have a certain subscription to have this option?

    • Greg Dickason Post authorReply

      Hi All,

      Can you confirm the plan you are on – this should be available to anyone on RPP (Real Estate) plans. If you are on a Finance plan then unfortunately this is not available.

      If you are having trouble please call customer care on 1300 734 318


      • Greg Dickason Post author

        I also noticed that you need to ‘restore default layout’ for the customise home to make sure you can activate RP Prospector.

        See the updated post above.

        Thanks for the feedback

  1. Paul Reply

    Thank you Greg
    The Restore default layout button brought it up.
    A handy tool 🙂

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