Tips & Tricks: An honest appraisal

Most agents pride themselves on having integrity and honesty. They are decent people doing the best they can for their clients. So why is it that when it comes to giving appraisals, so many feel the need to lie?

You might consider the ‘lie’ word a bit harsh, but sadly it’s true. A large proportion of agents knowingly tell a vendor they will sell the property for more than it’s worth. They justify it as being necessary to get the listing. “After all”, they say, “everyone else does it, so I have to too”.

Unfortunately, this is the beginning of their problems. An overpriced listing is difficult to sell. The vendor has to be ‘conditioned’ to ‘meet the market’ by more lies and half-truths. This takes time, leads to a great deal of stress and unhappiness, and accounts for much of the reputational problems of agents generally.

So what is the alternative? Firstly, if this is you, you need to recognise that you have a problem and that lying is not the answer. Secondly, you need a change of listing strategy that gets the vendor to work out the correct price of the property, rather than being told a figure. This is not as hard as you might think. Simply present a list of all the properties like theirs that have sold in ascending price order and get them to make the comparison. They will soon see the reality (and realise when other agents are misleading them). Thirdly, educate them that overpricing leads to them getting less money than they otherwise would when the property becomes stale and undesirable, and takes a lot more time and hassle. Finally, concentrate on how your efforts at presentation and marketing will enable them to achieve the maximum price in the shortest time.

For more details see my book, Sell for more, available through Harper Collins.


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4 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks: An honest appraisal

  1. Phillip Ennis Reply

    How true is this? The old adage about picking up a listing 2nd or 3rd time around stands firm. Keep in touch with past appraisals and you’ll get the majority of them in the end.

  2. John Dang Reply

    I was fascinated by Gil davis record of sales as a a salesperson,1700 sales over 17 years.

    I have read his book several times however i do not believe it is possible to achieve this result unless if you have sometihng special.

    how can i get in contact with Gil Davis and ask him a few questions.??

    • Gil Davis Reply

      John – thank you for reading the book. It is not possible to achieve this level of sales overnight, but it certainly can happen over time. The trick is to set yourself achievable goals. My analogy is to a golf handicap. If you currently play off 20, aim to get to 18, not zero. When you play off 18, aim to get down to 16 etc. Eventually you will learn how it is possible to play off scratch and wonder why it ever seemed so hard. Now of course many people will never play off scratch, but unless they are physically handicapped, their problem is mental conditioning. They do not believe they can do it, and they make excuses. In my experience, most agents settle in to a level where they feel comfortable and never really challenge themselves.

      So don’t make excuses! If you missed a listing it was because you were not good enough or did something wrong. Get angry with yourself about it, and make sure you don’t make the same mistake again. Finally, always concentrate on doing the right thing by your clients, no matter what, and your reputation will sail out in front of you.

      All the best,
      Gil Davis

  3. John Dang Reply

    Hi Gil Davis..

    Thank you for the advice , I shall take your advice on board and will let you know how i go down the track.

    If you have a seminar in the near future please let me know as i would love to attend no matter the cost…

    thank you…

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