Tips & Tricks: How BIG is your BUT? By Deena Janes.

Please let me explain…  I received an article from my personal trainer this week and his heading was:

How BIG is your BUT and your BUTT?

He continued to say that he believes that your butt is a direct resemblance of your but and went on to explain…

Do you say or have you ever said something like this:

  • I would love to exercise more BUT I am too busy.
  • I would love to have a better body BUT it’s too hard.
  • I want to feel better and have more confidence BUT I can’t be bothered.
  • I want to come to the Saturday class BUT it’s too early.
  • I will do it BUT not this week.
  • I don’t know what to eat to lose weight BUT I won’t keep a food diary.
  • I want to lose more weight BUT I need to drink alcohol every weekend.
  • I want to do training BUT I can’t afford it.
  • I have lost weight before BUT it came back on.

His most impressive comment was:

“If you are not happy with the size of your BUTT then maybe you should decrease the size of your BUT and see what happens”.

This does not just apply in exercise BUT also every aspect in life from work, family, social and friendship.

So with my trainer’s help this week, I’d like to help you with kicking your BUT’s into gear if you haven’t started your marketing plan for 2012.

I too often hear brokers saying:

  • I’d love to do your program BUT I don’t have a logo yet.
  • I need more leads BUT I don’t have a marketing budget.
  • I want to write more loans BUT I’m too busy to plan my call cycle.
  • I want to get started BUT I haven’t put my database together yet.
  • I want to form strategic alliances BUT no one wants to do that.
  • I’m not that busy BUT I don’t have time to do a letter box drop.

It’s the start of a new financial year so get your BUT’s into gear and start something now, before we start hanging up those Christmas stockings yet again.

Our most successful marketing partners have no BUT.

Good luck!
Deena Janes
Managing Director

PS: When you join our program we’ll show you how to bust those BUTS. We assign you your very own marketing mentor who will call you on a regular basis to help you implement some of the most amazing marketing strategies for mortgage brokers and help kick start your business for the new financial year…

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