Tips & Tricks: Popular search features used by Valuers in RP Professional

Today’s blog post sheds light on various key functions of RP Professional that may be useful for Valuers day to day activity using the RP Data property system. The blog will cover how you can achieve:

  • Postcode searches
  • Multiple postcode searches
  • Creating custom saved lists to use in future searches (e.g. Council Area searches)
  • Searching by property owner’s name, company, building etc
  • Searching by Lot / Plan

Postcode search

In the RP Professional single line address search you can search for a postcode – eg 4069 QLD would be:


Creating a custom list to search from in future (eg multiple postcodes)

You can create a list of properties that you use in future as your ‘territory’.  To create your custom list – search for a postcode or suburb that you want.  For example, Caloundra:

View larger image

Select all of properties in your Caloundra suburb search (click on the ‘All’ option to select all properties) :

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Once you have selected all of the properties you will be given the option of saving the list or adding the properties to an existing list (‘Multi-property activities’ bar is located at the bottom):

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 You can save the list and then continue to add additional suburbs and postcodes to your list by following the above step and adding the new properties to your recently created ‘existing list’:

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Your list is then available to do searches on / refine to recent sales etc so you can get the comparables you want.  The list is located on the left hand side of the RP Professionals tasks bar:

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Once you have clicked on the list, you can use the cross-tabs to move across and see what is a ‘Recent Sale’, ‘On The Market’, ‘Auction Results’ etc.  You can also refine these by type.

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Log in to RP Professional. For more information on on creating multiple postcode lists, watch out tutorial video here, contact us on 1300 734 318, or to register for training visit

Watch our quick tutorial video’s on:

Searching by name or Lot/Plan

This can be done under the ‘Search’ section:

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The search bar then allows you to search by Lot/Plan and Name:

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Parcel is lot/plan:

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And name will search in a suburb or multiple suburbs:

View larger image

Log in to RP Professional here, or watch the tutorial video for Name Search.

For more information on searching for Lot / Plan contact us on 1300 734 318 or to register for training visit

Things to keep an eye out for in the coming weeks ~

RP Data are releasing a ‘Territory Builder’ feature which will enable you to create lists from a map. These lists can be as small as a single property up to 10,000 properties.


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