rpdata tips: 5 simple ways to retain your clients through great service

Keeping your existing clients happy is far easier than acquiring new customers.

Let us make your life easier through alerts, research and by providing information that your clients wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Take advantage of our custom features and reports so that you can help your clients stay informed about property-related matters.

Alerts can be used to monitor your client’s property movements, remind you of anniversaries – particularly useful around re-financing time and keep track of properties that your clients might be interested in.

You also have access to a wealth of research and insights that are widely available to you as an rpdata subscriber. Utilising this information ensures you are kept up-to-date and your clients benefit from your industry knowledge. A few examples that immediately come to mind:

RP Professional video library

These are just snapshots of what is available with your rpdata subscription. By utilising one of the above for each of your clients regularly will a long way and will be highly appreciative. A happy client will often become another referral.

For more insights in to what you can achieve through the RP Professional property system we offer free classroom and webex online training. Check out or training schedule here or call us on 1300 734 318. While you’re still reading have a browse through our video library here and log in to RP Professional.

2 thoughts on “rpdata tips: 5 simple ways to retain your clients through great service

  1. Darren Haseldine Reply

    All this sounds great!!! Only problem is when we have spent all our time loading our clients onto property watch so we can monitor the activity of our clients properties RPDATA decide to wipe all my database out and when i contact support for an answer all i get is a whole lot of excuses the main excuses were the data is only stored on the system (watch) for a maximum of 70 days and the other excuse was the company had been sold and in the changeover all data and information stored had been wiped out and they will get back to me. They didnt!
    So then i get a phone call from local support here in WA in the morning saying they cant believe it and the bad service i was receiving. Once again i didnt hear back. Customer support is very bad and even worse is when all my data has been wiped all i get is the oh well treatment.
    This form of monitoring in my eyes cannot be trusted or if you do trust it 70 days of monitoring is the maximum you be assured of receiving if you can believe the excuses i was given.

    • rpdata Post authorReply

      Hi Darren. I believe our local territory manager has been in touch with you regarding these issues. I understand the reason for the data being lost was due to a change of ownership which consequently removed the alerts from your account. In any case, we are working with the database administrators and developers to implement a solution so that any change of ownership does not affect history. In the meantime, our guys will look at doing a manual edit to the database to move the association information and will have a response for you in the coming days. Your territory manager will touch base with a response.
      Thanks Darren.

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