RP Data Pro v1.7 – What’s new in v1.7

We’re pleased to bring you this feature-packed new release of RP Data Pro, our biggest release since launch. There’s loads of new features and enhancements – have a read below and see what’s now available. You can also download a PDF walkthrough of these changes if you prefer to read that way.

New Features and Enhancements

Name Search – now by Suburb as well as State!

Our most requested feature, the ability to Name Search by Suburb has now been added! When performing a Name Search, you can now choose to filter by Suburb, or the entire State*. Name Search finds and returns all properties where the given Name played a role (as the buyer or vendor).

Name Search by Suburb
Name Search by Suburb

* Name search is only available in NSW, QLD and WA due to supplier restrictions.

Owner Name Search from every Property

On the Property Detail Page, you can now tap on the Owner Name to perform a Name Search for that Name*.

Seach by Owner Name on Property Detail Page
Seach by Owner Name on Property Detail Page

* Name search is only available in NSW, QLD and WA due to supplier restrictions.

Service Address now shown with Owner Name

Where available, the Service Address will now be shown with the Owners Name on the Property Detail Page. It was already displayed on the iPad version, this update brings it to the iPhone version as well.

Service Address Now Displayed
Service Address Now Displayed

Floor Area attribute now displayed

Wherever property attributes are displayed, the Floor Area is now shown alongside the Land Area. Although, Floor area is not populated for all properties yet, we continue to improve our coverage of this attribute.

Floor Area Attribute now Available
Floor Area Attribute now Available

Addition of new Development Zone Data

CoreLogic is in the unique position to acquire and expose new data assets that we know will be beneficial to our customers. This includes the new Development Zone data attribute, now available on the Property Detail page in RP Data Pro.

Know the development potential of a property and identify opportunities with this new source of council development data.

Development Zone
Development Zone

Read more about how you can use the Development Zone data in our recent Blog post: Understand Investment and Development Potential with the new Development Zone.

Rental Estimate and Rental Estimate Report

We’ve always displayed the CoreLogic Valuation Estimate, and with this release we’ve also added in the Rental Estimate – which is a likely rental value for the property.

In addition, you can generate a Rental Estimate Report which will open a PDF report on your iPhone or iPad, for easy sharing via email, iMessage, air-drop or print.

We’ve also made some slight tweaks to the display of the Valuation Report, and made it easier to generate an AutoVal PDF report, for sharing with prospects or customers.

Rental Estimate
Rental Estimate

Development Application data in Property History

Easily make informed decisions on how these changes influence current property values. The Property History timeline on the Property Detail page now shows Development Applications, where available.

The view includes the type of Application, Construction Type, the Build Area & Value, Council Permit Number and the Permit Date. 

Development Application Data
Development Application Data

We LOVE Feedback – and want your ideas!

In the menu, you’ll notice the new option Suggest a Feature.  This is your pipeline to the RP Data Pro product team and a way for you to suggest new ideas for features to add, and you can also vote on ideas that other people have submitted.

We’ll use this as a way to help us prioritise what to build next, and we’ll also let you know the status of ideas you’re interested in – including when we’ve added it to the app!

Suggest a Feature
Suggest a Feature

We’re very excited about this one, so start adding or voting on ideas today!


  • Why is Name Search only available in NSW, QLD and WA?
  • Why is Floor Area sometimes blank?
  • Where does the Development Zone data come from and how do I use it?
  • How is the Rental Estimate calculated?
  • Where does the Development Application data come from?
  • How do I submit an idea?
  • What happens when I submit or vote on ideas?

We hope you agree this is a fantastic update! I’d really value your feedback and suggestions to help me make RP Data Pro even better!

RP Data Pro is available to current CoreLogic RP Data Professional subscribers only and requires an internet connection via Wifi or 3G/4G (network charges may apply). Download from the App Store.

For more information, check out the landing page for RP Data Pro, or if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to get in touch via rpdatapro@corelogic.com.au.


“Its brilliance is in its simplicity of use and has been an enormous benefit to me in doing appraisals at potential vendors homes – particularly being able to scroll to lots of information including a bank of recent comparable sales without having to go out of the current screen and jump all over the place.”

Denis West, Ray White Thompson Partners

“I love the App and use it frequently. It is a great tool to do a quick appraisal and I find it incredibly accurate. The reports that it generates are very professional and look impressive in a listing presentation.”

Georg von Arnim, LJ Hooker Mooloolaba

“Favourite feature? The whole mobile app. It’s quick and easy to use and I can find information quickly, which is so important when on the move!”

Fran Fuller, McGrath Caloundra

4 thoughts on “RP Data Pro v1.7 – What’s new in v1.7

  1. Christopher Reply

    When r u finally going to do something for Android users? Now 2 years in a row that there are more Android than Apple users in Australia – Seriously, come on! You’ve been going to do something for years. Can anyone give me an honest answer, please?

    • Mike Salway Post authorReply

      Hi Christopher

      While the country-wide stats show more Android users, in our CoreLogic RP Data user-base, it’s actually heavily skewed the other way. Our own research, as well as analytics through our tools and Google’s tools, show that our customer base is 80% apple devices and 20% Android.

      That’s why we’ve heavily invested in Apple in terms of iOS apps.

      We are currently in the early stages of rebuilding our Android app though. It’s definitely a focus for us to launch a new Android app around mid-2017. Sorry I can’t give you anything more specific than that, but will be in touch as we get closer.

      • Christopher

        Hi Mike,

        Thanks for getting back to me so quick. Sorry to hear that line again. Not a personal attack – but mate, RPData have been saying that since a presentation in 2012 or 2013 at the Broncos Leagues Club here in Brisbane soon after they first launched their product as a mobile app in BETA format – and it still is – and it still locks up – and it wont let you close – and nothing has been upgraded – and have downloaded it and binned it many times each year hoping that it will have changed – rant over 🙂 ! It may have even been 2011. Hope I don’t get struck off as a user 🙂 .
        In providing some beneficial feedback from having worked across 3 major brands:
        As for RPData’s usage, yes, the amount of Apple usage in comparison to Android is due heavily to the amount of Android users dropping the App, and using desktop or mainly accessing the website via the main internet page. I can actually utilise the webpage quicker on Android devices than on a colleagues iphone. May be the difference in service provider.

        Spoken to quite a few rep’s (e.g. realestate.com, domain, B4 etc) who’s stats say it’s nearly 50 / 50 dependant on the month and can obviously vary from state to state in these months as well. May be worthwhile delving a bit deeper rather than going off current usage of RPData’s product.

        Have a great Christmas break and look fwd to the new release.

      • Mike Salway Post author

        Hi Christopher

        Thanks for the info. There’s definitely a bit of chicken and egg – if we had a better Android app, maybe more people would be on Android 🙂
        But we’ve done the research several times a year over the years and the results have always been the same (80% iOS) so that’s where it’s made sense for us to invest our $$$.

        As I said though, we are looking at providing a better Android app next year – so i’ll definitely be in touch.

        All the best for your Christmas.


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